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Very simple drag and drop upload form

10/08/2015 by Dux   /   4.4/5 (5 ratings)
There are many solutions and scripts for drag and drop upload. Here is a very simple solution using the native drag and drop of the modern browsers type file input. It is also compatible with browsers that do not support drag and drop as smartphone because it uses conventional HTML forms input. Tested with Safari, Chrome, Firefox last...

Zoom with CSS3

05/25/2011 by Dux   /   4.5/5 (140 ratings)
CSS3 allows the function of "scaling"(or zoom) on an HTML element. In the example below, the scale is assigned to the pseudo class : hover. Syntax : transition: (transition-property) (transition-duration in secondes) (transition-timing-function) • transition-property : all, css property • transition-duration : timing...

Centering an element in the page

09/15/2011 by Dux   /   4/5 (1 ratings)
Here are two methods to center CSS DIV blocks inside the page or parent element. The first method uses absolute positioning wich does not consider the position of other page elements. It is recommended for a rapid implementation of a correctly set graphical template. The second method uses a div to wedge the second DIV in height. The horizontal...

Rotate and scale with CSS

06/17/2011 by Dux   /   4.2/5 (34 ratings)
Here are two examples of rotation and scale (zoom) with CSS3. The first example uses javascript to apply transition effects by changing the CSS class of an element. This allows the event to be deported to another area. The second example works with the simplest pseudo-class HOVER. The effects do not work with Firefox for now only on...

Infinite zoom CSS3 and Javascript

06/06/2011 by Dux   /   4.9/5 (7 ratings)
Here is an example of the use of CSS3 with scale. Update : Added compatibility with Opera 11

Javascript opacity

06/03/2011 by Dux   /   4.5/5 (13 ratings)
Here is the method the most compatible to change the CSS opacity of an element with javascript. [code]opacity // modern browser -moz-opacity // older versions based on firefox -khtml-opacity // older versions based on Konkeror and Safari filter: alpha(opacity) // Internet Explorer before 8.0 ...