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Display a date in French (php)

Function gdhfr for "Groupe Date Heure France" shows the date and time in the french format. mixed gdhfr ( int $timestamp = time() [, bool $hm = false [ , bool $s = false ] ] ) $timestamp = UNIX time $hm = when set to TRUE, displays hours and minutes $s = when set to TRUE, displays seconds

MySQL table statistics (mysql)

This little script displays the usage statistics of your MySQL tables using SHOW TABLE STATUS syntax

Simple method : listing files from a directory (php)

Here's my simple method for listing files from a directory. In this example I added the natural sort and the file sizes in KB to show how to combine tables and serialized values.

Show hide DIV content with scrolling (javascript)

Show and hide the contents of a DIV with a single function from a mouse event. The DIV unfolds and folds progressively through the setTimeout. To use this script, run the function deplie() on an event with argument ID of the DIV in question. You can set the DIV position to absolute not to move the below located content.