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Solucior » PHP » Extract images from a page

Extract images from a page

06/08/2011 by Dux   -   3.7/5 (3 ratings)

Getting all IMG sources and ALT from a local or remote page that returns an array.
This function uses the DOM API from PHP 5.

get_i( file ) = array( att, value )

source code

// PHP 5 required

function get_i($file) {
// verify file exists
if (!@fopen($file, "r")) return false;
// Create DOM Document
$ddoc = new DOMDocument();
$tags = $ddoc->getElementsByTagName('img');
   foreach (
$tags as $tag) {
// Get all href attribute
$att = $tag->getAttribute('src');
// Convert ALT into html entities
$value = htmlentities(utf8_decode($tag->getAttribute('alt')));
// If not empty, add to return tab
if (!empty($att) && !empty($value)) $return[] = array( 'att' =>  $att,'value' =>  $value);
   return (
is_array($return)) ? $return : false;

// Example of use
if ($tab = get_i('')) {
$tab as $display) echo $display['att'].' (ALT = '.$display['value'].")<br />\n";
} else {
'no image at this address');

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