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Simple image gallery PHP

06/01/2011 by Dux   -   3.9/5 (10 ratings)

The following code is an image gallery script in PHP as easy as possible.
A single file of a few lines of code is sufficient to list the images, create thumbnails and display them.

Copy the entire code into a PHP file. Name it as you wish and drop it in a directory containing images. For reasons of simplicity, this code has no error handling. With you to define it, particularly before creating the thumbnail.

Example : Gallery demonstration

source code

= $_GET['img'];

if (
$img == "") {
// Display Thumbnails
$dir = opendir('.');
   while (
$file = readdir($dir)) if (strpos(mime_content_type($file), 'image') !== false)
'<a href="/'.$file.'" style="display:block; float: left; margin: 2px; width:150px; height:150px; background:url('.$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'].'?img='.$file.') center center no-repeat"></a> ';
} else {
$type = substr(mime_content_type($img), 6, 10);
   eval (
"\$igd = imagecreatefrom".$type."(\$img);");
// Resize
list($x,$y) = getimagesize($img);
   if (
$y > $x) { $nx = 150; $ny = $y / ($x/$nx); } else { $ny = 150; $nx = $x / ($y/$ny); }
$isend = imagecreatetruecolor($nx,$ny);
imagecopyresampled($isend, $igd, 0,0, 0,0, $nx,$ny, $x,$y);
// Send
header('Content-Type: image/'.$type);

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Comments for Simple image gallery PHP

Dux     05/08/2012 02:32
Alexandre, ce doit être un warning, règle ton serveur pour la diffusion. Tu dois être en mode error warning de développement.
Alexandre     05/05/2012 14:53
J'ai une erreur à la première ligne :
Undefined index: img

Que faire ?
Joseph     02/03/2012 02:26

How could I set the code to pull from a specific folder?

Thanks in advance

venkat     09/15/2011 07:23
hi nice code
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