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Adjust the rate of image colors

05/25/2011 by Dux   -   2/5 (1 ratings)

This script adjusts the amount of colors in a jpg, gif or png picture. By modifying the value $variant between -25 and 15, you get a picture more or less colorful.

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source code

('memory_limit', '128M');

// Set the amount of effect ( -25 to 15 )
$variant = 5;

// Size of the tempory image (according to the power of your server)
$multiple = 2;

// Path to the picture file
$url_img = 'picture.jpg';

// Detect format and create $img
$part = pathinfo($url_img);
$ext = strtolower($part['extension']);
if (
$ext == "jpg" or $ext == "jpeg") $img=imagecreatefromjpeg($url_img);
if (
$ext == "gif") $img=imagecreatefromgif($url_img);
if (
$ext == "png") $img=imagecreatefrompng($url_img);

if (
$variant<0) { $variant=$variant/$multiple; } else { $variant=$variant*$multiple; }
$quant= ($variant/70) +1;

// Create a bigger image for working with 256 colors
imagecopyresampled($img, $img2, 0, 0, 0, 0, $x*$multiple, $y*$multiple, $x, $y);

// calculating and modification in palette color
imagetruecolortopalette($img, true, 256);
$i=0; $i<imagecolorstotal( $img ); $i++ ) {
$c = ImageColorsForIndex( $img, $i );
$r=$c['red']; $v=$c['green']; $b=$c['blue'];
   if (
$r>$v && $r>$b) { $r=$r*$quant; $v=$v/$quant; $b=$b/$quant; }
   if (
$v>$r && $v>$b) { $r=$r/$quant; $v=$v*$quant; $b=$b/$quant; }
   if (
$b>$v && $b>$r) { $r=$r/$quant; $v=$v/$quant; $b=$b*$quant; }
   if (
$r>255) $r=255;
   if (
$v>255) $v=255;
   if (
$b>255) $b=255;
imagecolorset( $img, $i, $r, $v, $b );

// Back to original size with resample
imagecopyresampled($img2, $img, 0, 0, 0, 0, $x, $y, $x*$multiple, $y*$multiple);

// Now you can use $img to display or save it
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